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Hi, my name is Austin and I live in Khon Kaen which is a region in the beautiful north east of Thailand, historically a farming area but is now a mix of everything from small villages with tin and wood homes,to large cities such as Khon Kaen and Udon Thani with modern housing,shopping centres and all the hustle and bustle that comes with the modern lifestyle.

I have started this blog/site as a sort of hobby for when I can’t get out of the house due to either extreme heat, or extreme rain!…I can sit in my old comfortable worn sofa and tinker about with the site which keeps my inner “petrolhead” satisfied for the moment. When time and space allows I fully intend to make my dream fleet a reality…this will include (but not limited to) the following…

1    – Isuzu D-Max Cab4 in either ALL black with carbon fibre accents…or bright white with some retro style colored graphics…of course both will have the Thai style lowered   suspension,mapped ecu and wide alloys with low profile tyres.

2 –   Toyota Hiace – Any color,bodykit,alloys,full on pimped interior and stereo.

3 –   Honda CRF Supermoto

4 –   Home built fully electric supermoto (at least 40KW)

5 –   and most importantly..a fully equipped workshop!


 …back to real life where I actually have an old Isuzu MUX and an even older Honda Wave,a family , endless school runs and food shopping trips to keep me busy…

but I can dream right!?

I hope to expand this site with anything of interest I come across in Thailand, whether it be automobile related or not…nice house/garden makeovers, machinary, themed cafes (currently big business in Thailand)..anything that I find interesting and I hope someone else might appreciate.

If you are reading this in Thailand and have any suggestions or pictures suitable for the site then PLEASE get intouch!


Please be gentle with my first time website design and  layout!… it’s not perfect (infact nowhere near it!) but it’s my first attempt, so that’s my excuse! Please return to the top!

SIte content needed!

Do you have ANYTHING that has been modified in Thailand? Vehicles, Homes, Gardens, Anything you would like to showcase.

Have any suggestions, questions or anything else with ions at the end?

Want your vehicle,links,page etc on the site? Please send me a msg using the button below!

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