Modified In Thailand
So what is this all about? …at the moment this is a way for a 55 year old man and his family to hang onto his past and present loves for anything modified, out of the normal, or just plain interesting to me in Thailand…mainly in Khon Kaen where we have lived since 2022.   Whether it be automotive based (pickup trucks,cars,bikes,scooters,vans,EV’s) or anything else I see from day to day in real life or on the internerd…or if it just interests me.
Anyone reading this please bare with me and check back for any updates and future ramblings…I have absolutely NO CLUE really what I am doing and have gone against nearly every bit of online advice about how to make and run a website/blog…I don’t think I will be making my fortune online! (or anywhere else for that matter!) …. the more I look at Youtube vids and websites regarding how to run a blog, the more I get a bit disillusioned about actually starting something, the whole thing seems a bit “manufactured” and fake.   So there will be no AI generated writing, or attempts to push readers into buying any old junk just for the affiliate commission, or anything that I don’t personally want to write about or find interesting.   What there hopefully will be is some long winded words about “stuff” written in a way that is probably full of spelling and grammar mistakes, awful SEO etc etc etc…whatever!  I get the impression that a lot of sites are so committed to getting on the front page of Google that the site itself loses a lot of “character”…if that makes sense?!
So after all that BS…I am going to write some words and post some pics on my site and hopefully someone will find it semi-interesting for a few moments 🙂 …if you do, please tell others about it so my huge influence on the interthing can spread worldwide. Wont be long before I am pleading with you to Like/Share/Subscribe…the thought sends shivers down my spine!

The more I think about it, the more I think of things I want to write about in general…I am rapidly becoming an old dreamer, so beware there will be plenty of old tosh added as time goes on.

This site will also (hopefully) be translated into Thai language so any Thais please understand if some of the translation doesn’t make much sense…until I can learn to read/write Thai language ( which is on my list of things to do) there may be a few bits that dont translate over well.

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