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Modified vans are yet another favorite of mine! Not sure how everything I like ends up being my favorite, but that's just how it works out! They are practical, ultra-stylish (usually!), and sometimes surprisingly fast! Yes, you read that right - fast! In general, they use the same engines as the pickup trucks, mostly turbo diesels, and we all know what Thai tuners can do with a turbo diesel - think 10-second quarter-mile road-going pickup trucks! Starting with commercial van models, they undergo modifications in a style that Asia has perfected - bodykits, air-ride suspension, alloy wheels, and stunning interiors - it's all been done here. Many affluent individuals in Bangkok opt for these vans, getting them modified and then hiring drivers to chauffeur them around while they attend to their work and relax in the back. These vans often serve as high-end taxi services too - perfect for day trips or long-distance journeys. The current Toyota models - the Hiace, the Commuter, and the Alphard (marketed as an MPV, but I still consider them vans!) - all look awesome after receiving the distinct Asian treatment!

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